Above Average Job Growth Expected in Michigan

Michigan will see 130,000 new jobs over the next two years, according to economists at the University of Michigan Research Seminar in Quantitative Economics on Friday. This puts job growth slightly above the 57,000 annual average from 1971-2000. Gongwer News […]

60 Minute Mentoring

Fraser Trebilcock is proud to take part in a unique program designed to give law school students an inside look into the legal world. The training program, called 60 Minute Mentoring, was created by Cooley Law School in partnership with […]

Health Care Reform: Navigating the ACA Marketplace

This morning, Fraser Trebilcock teamed up with the Lansing Chamber of Commerce to present a seminar to help employers keep up with changes related to Health Care Reform. Topics included a background on the Affordable Care Act and Health Insurance Marketplace, […]

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Property Tax Relief for Disabled Veterans

In late 2013, Governor Snyder told Michigan residents that “Michigan’s military veterans, particularly those who are disabled, have sacrificed more for us than we can ever repay. They have served to protect our way of life and our freedom.” As […]