Foreclosure by Advertisement, Part II

November 10’s posting, below, predicted that the Michigan Supreme Court would deny leave to appeal from a decision regarding MERS’ right to foreclose by advertisement. As a lifetime Michigan resident, one should have known better to try to predict a […]

Foreclosure by Advertisement?

The Michigan Supreme Court heard arguments today on whether it should grant an application for leave to appeal from and reverse the Michigan Court of Appeals April 21, 2011 opinion in Residential Funding Co. LLC v. Saurman [“Saurman”] which held […]

Is the Court playing politics with wastewater?

On April 25, 2011, in a case illustrating the partisan politics played in the Michigan Supreme Court, the Court issued a 4 to 3 decision to dismiss an environmental protection act case and vacate that Court’s December 2010 decision in […]

Fraser Web Week: Throwback Thursday

If the walls of the Boji Tower could talk, they would have more than 130 years-worth of stories to share about Fraser Trebilcock lawyers. Since these walls can’t speak, we’ll share a few #ThrowbackThursday photos of our own – each […]