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Five Stories That Matter in Michigan This Week – June 28, 2024

  1. Proposed Michigan Legislation to Attract Data Centers Gets Pushback from Environmental Groups

Proposed legislation to expand tax incentives aimed at attracting large data centers to Michigan is making its way through the Michigan legislature. The bills would create a new sales and use tax exemption for “enterprise data centers.”

Why it Matters: Data center development, driven by the immense computing needs of artificial intelligence, is exploding across the country, and these bills could make Michigan a more attractive option for such development. Environmental groups, however, are opposing the new legislation, arguing that the massive energy resources required by data centers would stand in the way of Michigan achieving its clean energy goals.


  1. Criminal Defense and Professional Licensing Attorney

Helping clients for more than two decades, Robert J. Andretz is an experienced criminal defense and professional licensing attorney who has successfully represented clients in both state and federal courts in felony and misdemeanor cases in more than 50 counties across the state of Michigan.

Why it Matters: Robert Andretz is passionate about what he does, and, understanding the direct and collateral consequences that a criminal conviction or professional licensing sanction can bring, he compassionately works with his clients to focus on what matters most to them. Learn more and to contact Rob.


  1. Fraser Trebilcock Attorney Obtains Full Dismissal for Firm Client

Fraser Trebilcock Shareholder and Real Estate Department Chair Jared A. Roberts obtained full dismissal of another Bureau of Professional Licensing complaint brought against a real estate brokerage and a salesperson.

Why it Matters: “The key to understanding and properly defending this case,” Jared advised, “was to perform a comprehensive review of all communications.” Once that was done “we were able to find party consent for an action that the Complainant and the Department were alleging was unauthorized.” As Michigan’s leading real estate broker defense attorney advises, carefully preserve all communications in your deal file – they may be instrumental in your defense. Learn more.


  1. Michigan CRA Publishes May ’24 Data: Average Price Increases

Per data released by the Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA), the average retail price for adult-use sale of an ounce of cannabis in May was $88.15, an increase from $86.61 in April. This is a decrease from May 2023, where the average price was $90.64.

Why it Matters: While the prices of cannabis and cannabis-related products continue to decrease and make consumers happy, growers on the other hand are seeing profits decrease resulting in them seeking ways to halt new licenses to be granted in an effort to steady prices.


  1. Election Year Considerations for Exempt Entities

As another election season approaches and the candidates and issues begin to come into focus, now is a good time to review the regulations that govern exempt organizations and their involvement in politics.

Why it Matters: This article focuses on the direct activities of certain exempt entities and not on the use and function of affiliate organizations, such as a Political Action Committees (PACs). Exempt entities may find it useful to establish a PAC for use in organizing and operating the political and lobbying activities supportive of the organization’s exempt purpose. Read more from attorney Bob Burgee.

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