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Five Stories That Matter in Michigan This Week – June 21, 2024

  1. Michigan is Top Cannabis Market in Country by Sales Volume

The Detroit Free Press recently reported that Michigan surpassed California as the top cannabis market in the country by sales volume, despite having one quarter of California’s residents.

Why it Matters: The growth of Michigan’s cannabis market is significant over the last five years. However, despite having higher sales volume, the dollar volume of California’s sales is much higher ($5.1 billion in California vs. $3 billion in Michigan). Michigan’s market continues to be plagued by declining product prices and profitability.


  1. Michigan Enacts Legislation Requiring Equal Insurance Coverage for Mental Health Treatment

Governor Whitmer recently signed into law legislation (Michigan Public Act 41 of 2024) requiring insurance providers in Michigan to provide coverage for mental health and substance abuse disorder treatment in a manner equivalent to medical coverage.

Why it Matters: This means that insurance providers cannot impose greater financial (e.g., co-pays, deductibles, or out-of-pocket maximums) or quantitative restrictions (e.g., limits on frequency of treatment, number of visits, days of coverage) on mental health and substance abuse disorder treatment coverage in their plans than they would for medical coverage.


  1. Election Year Considerations for Exempt Entities

As another election season approaches and the candidates and issues begin to come into focus, now is a good time to review the regulations that govern exempt organizations and their involvement in politics.

Why it Matters: This article focuses on the direct activities of certain exempt entities and not on the use and function of affiliate organizations, such as a Political Action Committees (PACs). Exempt entities may find it useful to establish a PAC for use in organizing and operating the political and lobbying activities supportive of the organization’s exempt purpose. Read more from attorney Bob Burgee.


  1. Fraser Trebilcock Attorney Obtains Full Dismissal for Firm Client

Fraser Trebilcock Shareholder and Real Estate Department Chair Jared A. Roberts obtained full dismissal of another Bureau of Professional Licensing complaint brought against a real estate brokerage and a salesperson.

Why it Matters: “The key to understanding and properly defending this case,” Jared advised, “was to perform a comprehensive review of all communications.” Once that was done “we were able to find party consent for an action that the Complainant and the Department were alleging was unauthorized.” As Michigan’s leading real estate broker defense attorney advises, carefully preserve all communications in your deal file – they may be instrumental in your defense. Learn more.


  1. The Ins and Outs of Cottage Succession Planning in Michigan (Part Two)

A cottage plan is an agreement that describes how a cottage will be shared, managed and passed on to future generations of family members. Cottage plans typically cover a range of issues that can impede the succession of a cottage if left unaddressed.

Why it Matters: There are significant advantages to having a cottage plan that utilizes an LLC or trust structure. There is no single option that is best for all families, so it’s important to consult with an experienced cottage law attorney to determine what option is right for you. Learn more from your Fraser Trebilcock attorney.

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