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Five Stories That Matter in Michigan This Week – June 30, 2023

  1. Michigan’s New Distracted Driving Law Takes Effect June 30

In an effort to mitigate the risks associated with distracted driving, Michigan recently enacted legislation meant to deter and punish instances of distracted driving. Michigan is the 26th state in the United States to pass a hands-free driving law, signifying the growing national consensus around the importance of focused driving.

Why it Matters: The new law, which takes effect June 30, 2023, makes holding and using a mobile electronic device while operating a motor vehicle illegal. Learn more about the new law from your Fraser Trebilcock attorney.


  1. Gain Peace of Mind Through Life’s Toughest Challenges

Family law involves deeply personal and often emotional issues – that can be as complicated as they are sensitive. A strong family law attorney understands the judicial processes and procedures, while also handling your case with care and compassion.

Why it Matters: Fraser Trebilcock attorney Paula C. Spicer has over a decade of experience assisting clients in family law matters. Paula compassionately and efficiently works with clients to help them understand their options and navigate the often challenging and emotional situations. Learn more how she may be able to assist.


  1. 6th Circuit Decision Clarifies Rights of Schools to Discipline Students for Off-Campus Speech and Conduct

In a case that involved a student creating a fake Instagram account impersonating a teacher, and the student being suspended by his school, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit clarified that schools can regulate student speech—even off-campus speech—that causes or can reasonably be forecast to cause substantial disruption to the educational environment.

Why it Matters: As this case (Kutchinski v Freeland Community School District) demonstrates, off-campus speech can easily make its way onto school grounds given the widespread use of social networks and other digital means of communication by students. While every case of discipline for off-campus speech must be evaluated pursuant to its own unique facts and circumstances, the Sixth Circuit affirmed a school’s rights to take disciplinary action under appropriate circumstances.


  1. Governor Whitmer Announces New Support Hubs for Small Businesses

On June 27, Governor Whitmer, along with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, announced a new program aimed at supporting small businesses in the state by providing additional resources to them.

Why it Matters: The program is designed to allocate new and improved resources to small businesses through funding, direct support, and programming. Learn more about the new program.


  1. City of Detroit Approves Second Round of Recreational Cannabis Applications

On June 27, the Detroit City Council approved a second of three rounds of recreational cannabis applications to open up for submission.

Why it Matters: The second round will see a maximum of 50 applications for cannabis operations, broken down into the following categories: 15 adult-use retailer licenses, 15 adult-use equity retailer licenses, five microbusiness licenses, five microbusiness equity licenses, five designated consumption establishment licenses, and five designated consumption establishment equity licenses.

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