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Five Stories That Matter in Michigan This Week – June 23, 2023

  1. Client Alert: PCORI Fees Due by July 31, 2023!

In Notice 2022-59 the Internal Revenue Service set forth the PCORI amount imposed on insured and self-funded health plans for policy and plan years that end on or after October 1, 2022, and before October 1, 2023.

Why it Matters: Notice 2022-59 sets the adjusted applicable dollar amount used to calculate the fee at $3.00. Specifically, this fee is imposed per average number of covered lives for plan years that end on or after October 1, 2022, and before October 1, 2023. For self-funded plans, the average number of covered lives is calculated by one of three methods: (1) the actual count method; (2) the snapshot method; or (3) the Form 5500 method. Learn more from your Fraser Trebilcock attorney.


  1. Michigan Legislation Aims to Make it Easier to Hire Teachers and Counselors

On Thursday, the Michigan House passed legislation—which cleared the Michigan Senate in April—that aims to reduce barriers for out-of-state teachers and school counselors to work in Michigan’s schools. Senate Bill 161 would change Michigan’s teacher certification requirements, and Senate Bill 162 would similarly ease the way for out-of-state counselors to work with Michigan students.

Why it Matters: Michigan schools, like many in other parts of the country, have faced staffing shortages similar to those other employers have struggled with.


  1. What You Need to Know About Pet Trusts

A pet trust is a legal document that allows you to provide for the care of your beloved pet if you become incapacitated and after you pass away. A pet trust can be created as a standalone document, or as part of a revocable (living) trust or will. In addition, a durable power of attorney can provide instructions to an agent for the care of a pet during your lifetime.

Why it Matters: Estate planning with pets in mind is an increasingly popular way for pet owners to ensure that their furry companions are taken care of, even when the owners can no longer care for themselves. Learn more about how to effectively care for your pets if you become incapacitated or pass away.


  1. New Distracted Driving Law Goes into Effect June 30

Beginning June 30, Michigan motorists will be prohibited from using any mobile electronic device while operating a motor vehicle, even if at a stop sign or red light. This includes sending/receiving texts, accessing social media, or recording videos.

Why it Matters: First time offenders will face a $100 fine and/or 16 hours of community service, in addition to one point being added to the individual’s driving record. Penalties will increase for repeated violations, and on the third offense, individuals may be required to take a drivers improvement course.


  1. Fraser Trebilcock Attorney Obtains Dismissal for Firm Client

Fraser Trebilcock attorney Jared Roberts recently obtained a dismissal in a circuit court case brought against a brokerage and salesperson.

Why it Matters: In this case, which involved interpretation of transaction documents, a county “Time of Sale” well and septic inspection ordinance and water quality issues, Mr. Roberts obtained dismissal in the first responsive document. Learn more about their practice and how they may be able to assist.

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