Five Stories That Matter in Michigan This Week – April 28, 2023

  1. Effort to Mandate Hands-Free Phone Use While Driving in Michigan Stalls

Michigan House Bill 4250, the first bill of a three-bill package, failed to gain majority support in the House this week. The proposed legislation would ban the use of hand-held electronic device for drivers.

Why it Matters: 57 House members voted against the bill. One of the major concerns cited is that the penalties proposed to be imposed under the bill would be punitive, including the possibility of a license suspension of up to 90 days for a habitual offender.


  1. Michigan Cannabis Sales Near $250 Million in March

Cannabis sales nearly hit $250 million in March, via the monthly report from the Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency. Michigan adult-use sales came in at $239,857,322.13, while medical sales came in at $9,816,894.70, altogether totaling $249,674,216.70.

Why it Matters: Marijuana sales remain strong in Michigan, particularly for recreational use. However, there still are significant concerns about profitability and market over-saturation that the industry is contending with.


  1. May 2023 Business Education Series Program

During the May Business Education Series, Emmie Musser will discuss the challenges faced by businesses in building trust and transparency in a hybrid world, and explore strategies to overcome them including the importance of clear communication and regular updates, as well as the need to establish and maintain strong relationships.

Why it Matters: We will share practical, evidenced based tips on policies, workplace communication norms, and technology that can be used to help mitigate some of the biggest pain points of a hybrid work environment. Learn more.


  1. Coverage Spoken Here

Commercial litigator and Chair of Fraser Trebilcock’s Real Estate Department, Jared Roberts, along with Shareholder and litigator Ryan Kauffman, successfully defended a mechanical contracting firm in an insurance coverage dispute initiated by its insurer.

Why it Matters: In this instance, in summary, the insurer argued that policy language excluded coverage for events of pollution or efforts by the insured at responding to it. Attorneys Roberts and Kauffman argued that, while some pollution-related events were clearly excluded under the policy here, the exact conduct of the insured in this case was covered, despite the exclusion. The Circuit Court agreed with the insured mechanical contractor and summary disposition was awarded in the contractor’s favor. Learn more.


  1. CRA Publishes March 2023 Data, Average Price Hovers

Per data released by the Cannabis Regulatory Agency, the average retail price for adult-use sales of an ounce of cannabis is $86.87, a tiny increase from $86.00 in February. This is still a large decrease from March 2022, where the average price was $190.65.

Why it Matters: While the prices of cannabis and cannabis-related products continue to decrease and make consumers happy, growers on the other hand are seeing profits decrease resulting in them seeking ways to halt new licenses to be granted in an effort to steady prices. Contact our cannabis law attorneys if you have any questions.

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