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Five Stories That Matter in Michigan This Week – April 21, 2023

  1. Michigan Repeals “Right-to-Work” Law

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed into law legislation repealing the Freedom to Work law insofar as it applies to private-sector employees. The repealer will be effective as of March 30, 2024.

Why it Matters: When the new law takes effect, it will, for the first time since 2013, be legal for private-sector unions to negotiate and enforce “union security” requiring membership in, or financial support through “Beck Objector” fees, of those unions. Learn more from your Fraser Trebilcock attorney.


  1. Biden Administration Proposes Title IX Rule Change Prohibiting Schools from Categorically Banning Transgender Athletes from School Sports

The Biden administration proposed a significant change to Title IX regulations via a notice of proposed rulemaking, seeking to prohibit schools from categorically banning transgender athletes from participating in sports consistent with their gender identities. However, the proposal also provides flexibility for K-12 schools and universities to limit transgender student participation in cases where fairness in competition or sports-related injuries might be concerns.

Why it Matters: It’s important to note that this is a “proposed” rule, and therefore won’t take effect unless and until it becomes a final rule. However, K-12 school and higher education institutions leaders would be prudent to begin immediately preparing for the eventuality of the rule becoming final.


  1. May 2023 Business Education Series Program

During the May Business Education Series, Emmie Musser will discuss the challenges faced by businesses in building trust and transparency in a hybrid world, and explore strategies to overcome them including the importance of clear communication and regular updates, as well as the need to establish and maintain strong relationships.

Why it Matters: We will share practical, evidenced based tips on policies, workplace communication norms, and technology that can be used to help mitigate some of the biggest pain points of a hybrid work environment. Learn more.


  1. Proposed Legislation Introduced to Reduce Employment Age to 19 in Marijuana Industry

In March, HB 4322 was introduced to allow individuals who are 19 years of age or older to be employed by or volunteer for marijuana establishments.

Why it Matters: Currently, the age for employment in the marijuana industry is set to 21. This legislation proposes to reduce the age to 19, and allow them to manufacture, purchase, distribute and sell marijuana accessories if the individual is acting on behalf of a marijuana establishment.


  1. Income Tax Reduced for Tax Year 2023

For tax year 2023, the state income tax will be reduced to 4.05%, but will go back up to 4.25% the following year due to a 2015 statute that requires a reduction in the income tax when revenues to the General Fund exceed inflation plus economic growth.

Why it Matters: Individuals should see a slight increase to their take-home pay, but it will not last for long as the income tax rate will go back to 4.25% starting in tax year 2024.

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