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Five Stories that Matter in Michigan This Week – November 18, 2022

  1. Proposed Modifications to Michigan Court Rules Seek to Make Pandemic-Inspired Changes Permanent, Making it Harder to Evict Tenants

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Michigan’s court rules related to landlord-tenant eviction procedures were modified in some ways to utilize video conferencing and to make certain proceedings more efficient, and modified in other ways that made it more difficult for landlords to evict residential and commercial tenants.

Why it Matters: Pursuant to recently proposed amendments to Michigan Court Rule 4.201, Michigan’s State Court Administrative Office has taken steps to make many pandemic-era changes to minimize evictions permanent. Some of the proposed rules are allowing a judge to adjourn trial for at least seven days if a default judgment is not entered, and staying an eviction case if a tenant has applied for rent assistance. Learn more from our Fraser Trebilcock real estate attorneys on the matter.


  1. Michigan Small Business Growth Remains Strong

According to a recent report from the small Business Association of Michigan, Michigan’s entrepreneurial economy continues to grow. Among other things, SBAM’s Entrepreneurship Score Card shows that Michigan small businesses have outperformed U.S. averages in terms of the percentages of businesses being opened and revenue.

Why it Matters: Small businesses have always been the backbone of economic growth in Michigan and across the country. This report highlights the resilience of Michigan entrepreneurial economy.


  1. Business Planning for the Future

A lot of small-to-medium size businesses devote time and focus on their near-term future but may not think of what 5-10 years will bring. The value of a business can often be in the ability to transition it to a new owner, but some business owners are unsure how to set themselves up to be successful in this arena.

Why it Matters: Capitalizing on the ability to plan for the long-term will aid your business in any transitions that may occur. Learn more here.


  1. CRA Issues Michigan Consumer Advisory

Earlier this week, CRA issued a bulletin giving notice to consumers that a marijuana business that operates as both a state-licensed medical and adult-use recreational, Green Culture, sold unregulated products that may have contained several contaminants, such as mold and/or bacteria.

Why it Matters: Following the investigation, the CRA suspended both of Green Culture’s licenses. Marijuana businesses should heed this as a warning, the CRA are cracking down on businesses that do not follow the strict guidelines and rules laid out by the state agency.


  1. IRS Announces 2023 Cost-of-Living Adjustment for Retirement and Health and Welfare Benefit Plans

The Internal Revenue Service recently announced 2023 cost-of-living adjustments for retirement and health and welfare benefit plans. The significant adjustments reflect the increase in inflation over the last year. The adjustments are detailed in IRS Notice 2022-55. For example, the contribution limit for a Simple 401(k) will increase to $15,500 in 2023 from $14,000 in 2022, and for a Health FSA, limits will increase to $3,050 in 2023 from $2,850 in 2022.

Why it Matters: Business owners and employers should be aware of these adjustments and share this information with employees as we approach the new year. If you have any questions regarding these adjustments, please contact our Employee Benefits team.

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