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Changes to the Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act that Affect Trade Associations

AttoCastellani, Edwardrney Edward J. Castellani recently spoke to 40 Association Executives at the Michigan Society of Association Executives Annual Law Symposium on “Changes to the Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act”. The presentation addressed the recent amendments and changes to the MNCA and how they impact Michigan trade associations.With approximately 200 sections of the Act now having amendments, Ed reviewed the important changes to the Act such as meeting notices, voting procedures, and overall management of the corporation.

You can review the presentation HERE.

To learn more, contact attorney Ed Castellani at or 517.377.0845. In addition to having practiced law for more than 30 years, Ed is a certified public accountant. This dual background and experience provides his clients unique insight into business transactions, such as business entity formations, mergers, acquisitions, tax audits and appeals, and general business and tax planning for both profit and nonprofit corporations. Ed currently serves on Fraser Trebilcock’s Board of Directors as Vice President of the law firm.


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