Fraser Web Week: ‘Why Us’ Wednesday


Whether you’re seeking legal services or looking to join our Fraser family, our new website delivers a beautiful snapshot of why you should choose us. And in some cases, we do literally mean a beautiful snapshot!

In our #fraserwebweek series, we’ve shown you a handful of our site’s new bells and whistles. It is important to point out that we made great effort to ensure that these new tech tools were matched with an overall design that is aligned with the professionalism that we provide.

Each of our historic office locations are showcased right on our homepage, with a custom photo that scrolls through every few seconds. For more than 100 years, our firm has been an influential presence in Michigan’s legal community, and what better way to showcase our longevity than by using detailed shots of the buildings in which our offices reside. We have David Moncur, Principal of Moncur Associates, to thank for these unique pictures. David personally took photos at all three of our office locations, while his team worked with our Marketing department hand-in-hand for seven months to design and develop the site. Look for more information on that process in Friday’s blog!

To further emphasize our deep roots and commitment to our communities, we’ve also embedded individual pages that highlight Lansing, Detroit and Grand Rapids, within our ‘Careers‘ pages. After all, when an attorney is choosing the Fraser family, he or she is also choosing to provide solutions where we work and live. We also very much mean the phrase “Fraser family” here at Fraser Trebilcock. For this reason, you’ll find video and testimonials on our ‘Careers’ page that give a true look inside what it’s like to work at our firm.

Wednesday Careers
Under the ‘Why Us‘ tab, you can find additional information on the firm, showcasing both our deep history as well as our vision for the future. Our longevity is a testament to our abilities. Clients hire us based on our past successes, as well as the valuable role we play in what lies ahead. We emphasize this cutting-edge pledge with a fresh design that includes contemporary headshots of our attorneys that colorize as they are selected. Combined with crisp text and a well thought-out page design, we balance the old with the new.

Wednesday Events
As that future plays out, we have also devoted an entire page to detailing our upcoming events, which range from speaking engagements to nonprofit events that our attorneys and staff participate in across the state. We invite you to stay in-the-know and join us for these gatherings.

Be sure to read more on our ‘Why Us‘ page!


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