Safety Tips for Avoiding a Deer Crash

With fall now upon us, the whitetail deer population will be on the move throughout Michigan. An unfortunate result of the deer activity: car-deer crashes. Each year, more than 50,000 car-deer crashes are reported in Michigan. The most serious crashes, according to state police, happen when drivers swerve to avoid the animal, and hit another car or object instead.

Most of us have been there – either in a car-deer crash ourselves, or we know someone who has. So, it’s important to remember some basic tips on what to do when you do encounter a “deer in the headlights”.

First and foremost, slow down in the early morning and evening when deer are most active. In many instances, there is nothing you can do to avoid the deer. It is extremely important that despite the sudden frenzy, you do not swerve to avoid the deer. Instead, brake firmly while staying in your lane, to come to a complete stop. And remember, if you see one deer crossing the road, there are likely more coming right behind it!

If you do hit a deer, pull off of the road as far as you can and activate your car’s warning flashers. Do not get out of your car, as you could put yourself in danger from other passing vehicles. Instead, call 911 and the dispatcher will instruct you on what to do to get help and report the crash.

Keep these tips in mind while you are on the road and travel safe.

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