Health Care Reform: Where Do We Go From Here?

Over the past year, health care reform has been the top of everyone’s “hot topic list.”  Now that the rollout and implementation are in process, where do we go from here?

Fraser Trebilcock attorney Michael P. James delivered a presentation today at the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce on recent changes and challenges under Affordable Care Act and the impact they will continue to have on area businesses.

Click here to view the presentation slides.

Some of the specific topics include:
–        Employer Responsibility Requirements
–        Employer Classification
–        Employee Classification
–        Counting Employee Hours
–        Reporting Requirements
–        Impact of Recent Legal Challenges and Court Rulings

To find out more about the impact that the Affordable Care Act has on health care and your business, contact Health Care Department Chair Jonathan Raven at or 517.377.0816, or our Employee Benefits Department Co-Chair Elizabeth H. Latchana at or 517.377.0826.

NOTE: Information contained in this presentation is only current as of the blog publish date. For updated information, refer to the Fraser Trebilcock Health Care Reform blog.