The State of Michigan “Goes Purple” in June for Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

Governor Rick Snyder announced Monday that the State of Michigan will “go purple” for the month of June, in order to help bring attention to Alzheimer’s Disease.

“Alzheimer’s is a tragic disease that affects not only patients, but also their families, friends and communities. And as Michigan’s population continues to age, Alzheimer’s will have an even greater impact on our state,” Governor Snyder said. “That’s why we’re ‘going purple’ to help bring increased awareness and support for our fellow Michiganders who are struggling with this disease.”

Every 67 seconds, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s the sixth leading cause of death, killing more people than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined.

For many of us at Fraser Trebilcock, the fight against Alzheimer’s is personal. Some of us have held the hand of a loved  one, a close friend, or a grieving client, dealing with the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Our Trusts and Estates department is proud to be leading the Fraser Trebilcock team at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s event this fall. We’ll come together in support of the  Alzheimer’s Association and its great work to fight  the disease, and we invite you to join our team and walk with us in September.

For more information about going purple in Michigan this month, you can read the Governor Snyder’s Op-Ed article here.