ACA Impact: Update on the Affordable Care Act Webinar

The Affordable Care Act continues to usher in sweeping changes for the public and nonprofit sector. Leaders need answers on how the ACA is going to impact their operations. Multiple regulations and shifting timetables, however, make it difficult to measure – and almost impossible to predict – what those changes can mean for you.

Join Fraser Trebilcock as we partner with Rehmann for a webinar that addresses the key ACA regulations and deadlines.

This is also an opportunity to get your most difficult questions answered during the live Q&A session with the presenters, including Fraser Trebilcock Attorney Michael P. James.

To register for the event, click here.

To find out more about the impact that the Affordable Care Act has on health care and your business, contact Health Care Department Chair Jonathan Raven at or 517.377.0816, or our Employee Benefits Department Co-Chair Elizabeth H. Latchana at or 517.377.0826.