Health Care Reform: Presentation on Strategies for Small Businesses

This morning, Fraser Trebilcock teamed up with the Lansing Chamber of Commerce to put together a seminar on Health Care Reform for small businesses. Topics included Health Care Tax Credits and Penalties, Pay or Play Mandate, Health Insurance Exchanges, SHOPs, and more.

As keynote speaker, attorney Mike James put together an information presentation: You can view the  presentation here.

To find out more about the impact that the Affordable Care Act has on health care and your business, contact Health Care Department Chair Jonathan Raven at or 517.377.0816, or our Employee Benefits Department Co-Chair Elizabeth H. Latchana at or 517.377.0826.

NOTE: Information contained in this presentation is only current as of the blog publish date. For updated information, refer to the Fraser Trebilcock Health Care Reform blog.