Arbitrator by Day, Avid Bicyclist by Night and Weekend

 Just thinking about riding a bicycle for 100 miles is enough to make most of us tired! Yet, at nearly 70 years  young, attorney Peter Houk can add this feat to his long list of achievements. The Fraser Trebilcock attorney and  former judge finished the Black Bear Bike Race on Sunday in eight hours and six minutes, that’s an average of  roughly 15.3 miles per hour. Mr. Houk has completed eight DALMACS from Lansing to places like Sault St. Marie.  He says he often thinks of Mr. Davis, of Fraser Trebilcock Davis & Dunlap, who was an avid cyclist into his 80’s,  even after suffering a couple of bad accidents. With Davis’ story as motivation, Houk took up cycling 25 years ago and despite having had a few crashes of his own, he says he hopes to continue just as long. Congratulations on such an amazing feat, Peter!