Legal Industry Adopting Social Media

In a recent article published by InsideCounsel, various examples of how attorneys are using social media more in their work are described through the results of a survey that included more than 300 respondents in the legal industry.

The survey indicated that the generational gap in social media usage is decreasing as veteran lawyers are beginning to use the same technologies that younger attorneys have grown up with. The article also noted that the existence of a law firm’s blog now has a significant impact on whether a firm will be retained or not.

Fraser Trebilcock attorneys have taken note of this trend and have increased their social media and blogosphere exposure as well. Fraser Law may be one of Michigan’s oldest law firms, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a leading innovator in the legal industry in terms of using the newest technology to its advantage.

In the courtroom, Fraser attorney and condemnation specialist Kirby Albright most recently exemplified this use of technology in a victory regarding a piece of property near the Beach Municipal Airport in Charlotte, Mich. Albright used Google Earth in the court to paint a visual picture to the jury to show why his clients property was grossly undervalued, and this evidence led to a positive settlement for Albright and his clients.

In social media, Fraser Law continues to expand its presence online through the use of Facebook, Twitter, Google Places and the firm’s blog, which is updated regularly.

The way marketing and reporting takes place continues to evolve with new technologies being invented regularly, and the legal industry appears to be adopting these practices in larger numbers each year.

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