Today’s Legal Strategies Demand Public Relations

Today’s business environment demands an aggressive strategy to resolve issues legally while protecting one’s reputation publicly. As a result, lawyers need to be more than legal counselors or advocates. They need to be familiar enough with how perception is created within the public eye and how to use the media effectively to manage that perception. Therefore, the potential impact any litigation will have on a client’s image, reputation, investor relations and future business must be considered in creating a legal strategy.

To protect a client’s legal interests and also to preserve the client’s reputation publicly in a high-profile case, a complementary media relations strategy should be developed early on in the process In developing a broad strategy that embraces both legal and public relations concerns, lawyers need to look beyond the facts and determine how public relations concerns will impact litigation. If both the legal and the public relations components are to succeed, it is essential that they are coordinated and complimentary.

In today’s economy, lawyers need to provide their clients with more than just legal services. Our attorneys can position clients to avoid litigation, minimize risk and protect their reputation, by blending law, policy, politics and strategic communications to provide clients an integrated approach to resolving or avoiding legal problems.

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