Litigation Communications

A litigation communications plan, blends both legal expertise and media savvy, by helping to frame messages during the litigation to help preserve, protect and enhance the reputation of the parties.

A strategic litigation plan also helps monitor what others are saying about the case and the company and works to control the message, address concerns and build relationships to help clients emerge from the litigation with its reputation in tact.

An effective litigation communications strategy, works to enhance legal efforts by providing clarity on complex legal issues, before and after litigation. The goal of litigation communications is to guarantee that the client’s public image is completely aligned with the legal team’s efforts and strategy, while ensuring the company’s message is understood outside the courtroom.

In retaining a public relations professional, it is important that you find someone who understands the interplay between the law and legal process on one side, and the media and public opinion on the other. Managing these complex communications in a timely and efficient manner can play a vital role in the cost-effective mitigation of a crisis or legal matter.

The sands have shifted in the practice of law. Gone are the days when clients were only concerned about the legal ramifications of a lawsuit or legal quagmire. Today, clients are often also concerned with how they are judged in the public eye and perceived by their customers, vendors and by their own families.

In protecting a client’s reputation, an attorney’s duties do not begin inside the courtroom door. Attorneys can no ignore the practical implications of a legal proceeding for the client. Instead attorneys should take reasonable steps to defend a client’s reputation as part of any legal strategy.

This is particularly important in an environment where news is reported “24/7” and at times even in a tweet. Lawyers must be more diligent in looking at the big picture in protecting their clients’ interests in the court of law as well as in the court of public opinion.

In today’s competitive market, there is a great demand for high level, experienced communications executives who demonstrate the ability to reason; analyze and solve business problems for their clients.

Fraser Trebilcock’s seasoned attorneys have the legal prowess, business experience and street creed to ensure their clients are protected.

In today’s litigious environment legal issues permeate the headlines, placing brands and reputations at risk. Increasingly, clients are demanding that their lawyers defend them not only in the courts but help protect their reputation publicly. Fraser Trebilcock creates effective PR and legal strategies to work on parallel tracks and support each other. For more information, please contact, Daniel Cherrin at or 517.377.0865.

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