Past Events


August Business Education Series

This course is designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to set meaningful goals, establish priorities, and effectively manage their time through the practice of time blocking.


June 2023 Business Education Series

During this two-presentation dynamic program, attendees will learn about the SBA 504 Loan by Michigan Certified Development Corporation (MCDC) and Government Contracts by APEX (formerly known as PTAC Procurement Technical Assistance Centers).


2023 May Business Education Series

During the May Business Education Series, Emmie Musser will discuss the challenges faced by businesses in building trust and transparency in a hybrid world, and explore strategies to overcome them including the importance of clear communication and regular updates, as well as the need to establish and maintain strong relationships.


March 2023 Business Education Series

During the March Business Education Series, Brain Town, founder and CEO of Michigan Creative, will discuss how to inspire your staff to be the leaders they all have inside of them.

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