We are a full-service governmental and legislative affairs firm that provides cutting-edge practical advice on government action or inaction, litigation vulnerability, complex regulatory changes and media scrutiny. Fraser Consulting is a subsidiary of Fraser Trebilcock, one of Michigan's longest-established full-service law firms. Together, we have the collaborative power of more than 40 attorneys and a dozen lobbyists, working in three of Michigan's largest cities. If your governmental, legislative, or legal issue takes us beyond Michigan or even the United States, we can effectively help through our affiliation with SCG Legal. As the Michigan member of this exclusive global network of leading law firms, we are connected to more than 11,000 attorneys in 82 countries, and all 50 United States.

Licensed Lobbyist Agents

Attorney Scott D. Everett - Fraser Trebilcock...

Scott D. Everett

Director of Legislative Affairs, Fraser Consulting

Phone: 517. 377.0839

Fax: 517.482.0887

Email: severett@fraserlawfirm.com