Attorney Richard C. Vershave - Fraser Trebilcock

Richard C. Vershave

Attorney / Lansing


  • Seattle University School of Law (J.D., 2003)
  • University of Michigan (B.S., cum laude, 1993)

Bar & Court Admissions

  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • State Bar or Washington
  • U.S. District Court Western District of Washington
  • Washington State Supreme Court
  • Washington State Court of Appeals
  • State Bar of Michigan (in-process)

For over fourteen years, Richard C. Vershave has prepared and filed hundreds of patent applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in a variety of technology areas. Richard focuses on managing and providing strategic guidance to clients with small to large intellectual property portfolios – both domestic and global. Richard has worked with inventors and companies from coast-to-coast. Richard is also highly versed in helping clients navigate the protection of their intellectual property outside of the United States.

Richard is a registered patent attorney and focuses his practice on a variety of technologies such as powered vehicles, air and space systems and structures, reinforced composites, computer hardware, sensors and control systems, and medical devices. Additionally, his practice includes trademark matters, reexamination (post-grant) proceedings, accelerated patent examination proceedings, due diligence evaluations, clearance studies, infringement, invalidity and patentability opinions, confidentiality agreements and strategic intellectual property portfolio development and management.

Richard received his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan with a focus on structural analysis, thermodynamics and control systems. Prior to earning his law degree, he worked for approximately eight years as a Structural Aerospace Engineer at The Boeing Company on wing structures, high lift systems, electromechanical power generation systems, landing gear systems and complex gear systems. He is veteran of the U.S. Army, and a member of the University of Michigan Alumni Association.

Professional Associations
  • King County Bar Association Intellectual Property Section, Vice Chair (Fall 2015)
  • Economic Alliance Snohomish County Board of Trustees
  • Washington State Bar Association
  • Washington State Patent Law Association
  • University of Michigan Alumni Association, Member 
Publications & Presentations
  • “Fundamental Changes in U.S. Patent Law: Are you on Board?” Foster Pepper Client Briefing, April 2013
  • “Monetizing Your IP: Current Trends Toward Strategic Use and Maintenance,” Panelist, Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) America, April 2013
  • “Virtual and Physical Marking Requirements for Patented Products, Registered Trademarks and Copyrighted Works,” Presenter, King County Bar Association Intellectual Property Section, December 2012 
Testimonials & Client Matters


  • Provide strategic counseling for clients’ global IP portfolios and budgets
  • Provide strategic counseling for clients’ virtual Patent marking websites
  • Provide strategic counseling for client’s Joint Venture and Licensing Agreements with large Chinese manufacturer as well as compliance with Import and Export Control laws
  • Successfully negotiate and settle coexistence agreements for various trademark disputes
  • Provide strategic counseling to clients about expediting examination of foreign Patent applications using the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)

Post Grant Patent Practice

  • USPTO Control No. 95/000,161 (successful inter partes reexamination of over 400 newly filed claims)
  • USPTO Control No. 90/011,974 (ex-parte reexamination - successful validity challenge of U.S. Patent No. 6,754,400 on behalf of a worldwide photography association)
  • USPTO Control Nos. 90/009,282; 95/000,396; 95/000,397; 95/000,398 (successful ex-parte and inter partes re-examination defense of patents directed towards aspects of motion control)
  • Seattle Police Officer’s Guild (successfully enforced client’s copyrights against several different parties 

Sampling of Issued Patents

  • Patent No. 6257007 (U.S.) Method of control of cooling system condenser fans and cooling tower fans and pumps
  • Patent No. 6352106 (U.S.) High-efficiency pumping and distribution system incorporating a self-balancing, modulating control value
  • Patent No. 6607108 (U.S.) Load transfer and stabilization system for backpacks
  • Patent No. 7098569 (U.S.) Rotor assembly for a Permanent magnet Power electric machine
  • Patent No. 7100264 (U.S.) Method of installing double flanged bushings
  • Patent No. 7204497 (U.S.) Steering Post for recreational vehicle
  • Patent No. 7287622 (U.S.) Exhaust muffler
  • Patent No. 7375277 (U.S.) Double flanged bushings and installation methods
  • Patent No. 7386507 (U.S.) Loan Program and Process for transacting same
  • Patent No. 7406777 (U.S.) Method and apparatus employing eccentric bushing
  • Patent No. 7428775 (U.S.) Flexible whisk
  • Patent No. 7448652 (U.S.) Tubular metal fitting expandable in a wall opening and method of installation
  • Patent No. 7481198 (U.S.) Throttle body and Plate
  • Patent No. 7509829 (U.S.) Mandrel assembly and method of using the same
  • Patent No. 7510194 (U.S.) Playing cards with separable components
  • Patent No. 7617712 (U.S.) Alignment device and methods of using the same
  • Patent No. 7641430 (U.S.) Nut Plates and threaded inserts and methods for installing the same
  • Patent No. 7644673 (U.S.) Emergency encapsulated lift system
  • Patent No. 7669678 (U.S.) Textured all-terrain vehicle fenders
  • Patent No. 7694437 (U.S.) Suspended orthotic shoe and methods of making same
  • Patent No. 7712846 (U.S.) Snowmobile drive track
  • Patent No. 7770893 (U.S.) Method, apparatus and article for evaluating card games, such as blackjack
  • Patent No. 7771272 (U.S.) Systems and methods for monitoring activities on a gaming table
  • Patent No. 7779944 (U.S.) Snowmobile tunnel and rear heat exchanger
  • Patent No. 7814578 (U.S.) Helmet with integrated head light
  • Patent No. 7824296 (U.S.) Locking differential having a split-center driver
  • Patent No. 7854460 (U.S.) Mating receiver rack for Personal recreation vehicles
  • Patent No. 7884811 (U.S.) Durable digital writing and sketching instrument
  • Patent No.7926318 (U.S.) Alignment device and methods of using the same
  • Patent No. 7926319 (U.S.) Mandrel assembly and method of using the same
  • Patent No. 7938134 (U.S.) Protective shelter
  • Patent No. 7946628 (U.S.) Tubular metal fitting expandable in a wall opening and method of installation
  • Patent No. 7946946 (U.S.) Preloaded differentials
  • Patent No. 7958766 (U.S.) Self-aligning tools and a mandrel with retention sleeve
  • Patent No. 8040570 (U.S.) Systems and methods for Print coating de-saturation
  • Patent No. 8074987 (U.S.) Systems and methods for Processing Playing cards collected from a gaming table
  • Patent No. 8100753 (U.S.) Systems, methods and articles to facilitate Playing card games with selectable odds
  • Patent No. 8117946 (U.S.) Locking differential with shear Pin/spring assembly
  • Patent No. 8192170 (U.S.) Rotor blade for a wind energy installation
  • Patent No. 8215201 (U.S.) Adjustable steering assembly
  • Patent No. 8219250 (U.S.) Systems and methods to control energy consumption efficiency
  • Patent No. 8226305 (U.S.) Fiber optic transceiver module release mechanism
  • Patent No. 8291720 (U.S.) Sequencing of variable speed compressors in a chilled liquid cooling system for improved energy efficiency
  • Patent No. 8322096 (U.S.) Wall system for a building
  • Patent No. 8337740 (U.S.) Reinforced internal composite structures
  • Patent No. 8353761 (U.S.) Progressive game and Processing system thereof
  • Patent No. 8381661 (U.S.) Concealable, aesthetic tray unit
  • Patent No. 8384696 (U.S.) Carrier for a Digital Pen
  • Patent No. 8438489 (U.S.) System and method for document markup
  • Patent No. 8457959 (U.S.) Systems and methods for implicitly interpreting semantically redundant communication modes
  • Patent No. 8473866 (U.S.) Decision assistance device and methods of using same
  • Patent No. 200780027431.5 (China) Durable digital writing and sketching instrument
  • Patent No. 200880017767 (China) Digital Paper-enabled Products and methods relating to same
  • Patent No. 200880023450 (China) Digital Paper-enabled spreadsheet systems
  • Patent No. 1133943B (Hong Kong) Durable digital writing and sketching instrument
  • Patent No. EP2098061 (United Kingdom) Systems and methods for Print coating de-saturation
  • Patent No. EP2098061 (Sweden) Systems and methods for Print coating de-saturation
  • Patent No. D578286 (U.S.) High-heeled shoe sole
  • Patent No. D614840 (U.S.) Shoe sole
  • Patent No. D614841 (U.S.) Shoe sole