Condemnation & Real Estate Disputes


The process and procedures providing for the "taking" of private property for public improvement projects is complex, has lasting implications, and the law mandates strict compliance with all of the requirements associated with the eminent domain process. Knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced counsel is of substantial assistance to either a condemning agency or a private property owner, when navigating this complex and litigious area of the law. 

Our attorneys successfully represent entities that exercise condemnation authority – as well as affected private property landowners, tenants, and business owners – in all aspects of eminent domain and condemnation law. Our attorneys have significant experience in assisting parties on either side of an eminent domain proceeding. We provide comprehensive counsel, including assistance with acquisition planning, negotiation and litigation avoidance, pre-suit negotiation, the initiation of formal condemnation actions for condemning agencies, as well as the defense of condemnation actions for private property landowners, tenants, and business owners all the way through trial and appeal, if needed.

We have successfully worked with our clients on condemnation matters that span a broad range of projects and involving all types of properties (residential, agricultural ,commercial, multi-family, developmental) including:

  • Airport Expansion Projects
  • Highway and Road Construction Projects
  • Petroleum Pipeline (Oil and Gas) Projects
  • Waste Water Treatment Facilities
  • Water and Sewer Projects
  • Drain Projects
  • Electrical Transmission line Projects
  • Intersection and sidewalk Improvement Projects

Our team also has a broad range of experience in other  real estate-related issues. We have successfully worked with our clients to improve, protect and defend properties of all shapes and sizes. 

Assembling Your Team

We use a dynamic, cross-departmental approach in building our team to fit your needs. Our attorneys and supporting staff members have developed a systematic approach to high-volume projects, ensuring that our high-quality work is done quickly and efficiently. We work closely with our associate attorneys, certified paralegals, IT professionals, and other support staff to complete tasks in the most cost-effective way possible. As part of our representation of private property landowners, we carefully and thoroughly examine the impacts of the proposed project and will seek to maximize the amount of just compensation to be received by the private property landowner. 

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Our attorneys have successfully worked with clients to improve, protect, and defend properties of all shapes and sizes, in a broad range of projects.

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