Appellate Law


A successful appeal requires a highly experienced team of lawyers who understand that the best preparation begins long before a judgment or verdict in the trial court.

Our trial lawyers work closely with our appellate lawyers throughout each case to identify and preserve any potential appellate issues. We advocate for our clients in the full spectrum of civil and criminal appeals, in proceedings before all levels of the state and federal appellate courts. This includes:

  • Careful evaluation and planning of appellate strategy
  • Preparation and presentation of post-trial motions
  • Obtaining a stay of proceedings when necessary
  • Preservation and thorough review of the lower court record and exhibits
  • Preparation of high quality appellate briefs
  • Effective presentation of well-prepared oral arguments before the appellate court

We also work closely with professional organizations, nonprofits, and trade associations to file amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs, to ensure their positions are made known in cases presenting broad-reaching questions of law or public policy.

Our painstaking research, attention to detail, and high level of skill combine to ensure that our clients make the strongest appeal possible.