Licensing Agreements


Our lawyers were here when R. E. Olds gave his name to your father’s Oldsmobile, and when Biophotonic Solutions, Inc. first licensed its world-leading MIIPSTM femto-second laser technology.

Licensing is a powerful business tool that can monetize intellectual property and build capital. Whether you own a patent, trademark, copyright or trade secret, or wish to secure rights to use the intellectual property of another, licensing agreements can have huge financial impact.

An invention or creative work can produce years of profit to the inventor or creator. Strategic alliances, including licensing agreements, between companies or individuals carry long-term opportunity, but they also have risk. Early recognition of the value of intellectual property, and the best ways to harness its economic value, require deliberate licensing strategies and negotiations. Our lawyers are skilled at drafting well-structured licensing agreements that can unlock and protect the value of your IP assets.