Non-Profit Governance


Health care non-profits are mission-driven organizations that share challenges with for-profit businesses, but have unique attributes that require unique governance and management. Headlines too often scream stories about nonprofits that have been victimized by misconduct, or caught off-guard by poor planning or lax oversight. Many non-profits must continually reinvent themselves as the world changes. Boards of non-profits – especially health-care institutions – are often volunteers who oversee immense public entities with daily life-and-death impact. Health care non-profits also increasingly fill roles shifted from state and local governments, at the same time resources are increasingly squeezed. Boards are increasingly accountable for not only the funds of their institutions, but for their sustainability, and the quality of their care. We have guided nonprofits – large and small – for decades, and can help plan and create solutions to compliance, finance, and general board matters from simple to complex.

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