Energy, Utilities & Telecommunication

Energy, Utilities & Telecommunication Summary

Regulations over energy law, utility law and telecommunications change as rapidly as the very technology and industries that they govern. How you respond to these rapid changes determines your success.

Our expansive knowledge and frontline insight extends across every aspect of energy law, utility law and telecommunications practices, including construction of communication networks, pipeline facilities and electric generation facilities, regulatory proceedings, rate setting, siting and land use, contracting, permitting, real estate, and litigation. Our attorneys have extensive experience before federal and state agencies. Given our vast experience, our ability to represent clients in this practice area is virtually unlimited.

  • Energy and Alternative Energy Markets
  • Pipeline Construction and Regulation
  • Cable Communications
  • Power Plant Development and Financing
  • Telecommunications
  • Utility and ISO Contracts
Energy, Utilities & Telecommunication Sub Practices

Our attorneys have extensive experience in energy law, utility law and telecommunications. Explore our service offerings below or contact us for more information on how we can help you.

Cable Television

As legal counsel to the Michigan Cable Telecommunications Association for more than 30 years, our energy attorneys have a wide breadth of experience handling diverse issues confronting the cable television industry.

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Energy Law

Few firms in Michigan can match our extensive experience, depth of knowledge, and successful record in energy and alternative energy-related matters. For more than 30 years, attorneys in our energy law practice have guided clients from start to finish.

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Public Utility Law

Much of our utility law practice includes representing user groups or large volume customers seeking reasonable rates and interconnection terms from large investor-owned utilities. We are well-versed in the complex debates that often arise over proper methods of rate design and cost recovery.

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As leaders in the field of telecommunications law, we practice before the Michigan Public Service Commission and the Federal Communications Commission, as well as state and federal courts.

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Energy, Utilities & Telecommunication Representative Matters

Our clients are typically multinational corporations with extensive operations in Michigan. Some of our representative clients include:

  • The industrial consumer with the largest electric load in Michigan's Lower Peninsula;
  • The industrial consumer with the largest electric load in Michigan's Upper Peninsula;
  • The nation's largest independent transmission operator;
  • The corporation operating the world's longest crude oil pipeline system;
  • Most of the independent power producers in the state of Michigan;
  • Operators of hydroelectric facilities;
  • The majority of the landfill gas-fired electric generators in Michigan;
  • The largest independent solar energy plant in Michigan;
  • National and international wind energy developers;
  • All of the large biomass-fueled electric generation facilities in Michigan;
  • Numerous industrial and commercial consumers of electricity;
  • Large users of regulated steam service;
  • Large natural gas-fired generating facilities selling power at wholesale;
  • Industrial cogeneration facilities;
  • Michigan's cable television industry, which has specific concerns with unmetered power service and pole attachment rates offered by utilities;
  • Large European and Canadian energy companies.

Our representation of these clients has included the following projects and cases:

  • The lead role in Michigan on a $12 billion pipeline project for the corporation operating the largest single conduit of oil into the United States;
  • Corporate and regulatory work for the construction of the largest wood-fired cogeneration facility in Michigan;
  • Successful legislative lobbying work on behalf of trade groups and coalitions;
  • Representation of industrial interests in the first-ever Michigan case involving the implementation of PURPA (and virtually every subsequent PURPA-related case);
  • Development of customer-specific utility rates for Michigan's largest electric customers;
  • Sole representation of Michigan business interests in Executive Branch negotiations regarding utility stranded costs;
  • Hundreds of cases before the Michigan Public Service Commission, many of which have been worth millions of dollars to our clients;
  • Development and implementation of a special utility rate that was a key factor in enabling of our clients to fund a massive plant expansion that was named by Site Selection Magazine as one of the "Top Ten North American Deals of 2005”.
  • Transactional work related to the development of numerous large energy production facilities.