Election Law

Election Law Summary

Election law, at all levels, is a continually evolving and complex field of practice. From political candidates in Michigan, to those interested in participating in or influencing the broader electoral process, it’s critical to have counsel who is capable of navigating this often politically charged arena. Whether you seek proactive guidance for a political campaign or cause, or you need representation against the Lansing bureaucracy, Fraser Trebilcock’s experienced election law team is equipped to assist.

Fraser Trebilcock is headquartered in Boji Tower, right across the street from the Capitol Building in downtown Lansing where its election law team serves individual political candidates; campaigns; committees to elect; corporations; trade associations; nonprofits; political action committees (PACs); political parties; and governmental bodies in connection with political and litigious matters. As a full-service law firm, our election law team has access to specialists in virtually all areas of legal practice, e.g. tax, labor and employment, civil rights, etc., which may arise during the pursuit of a political endeavor.

Unlike other Lansing law firms, Fraser Trebilcock’s capabilities extend to its subsidiary, Fraser Consulting, which is a full-service governmental and legislative affairs firm. It provides cutting-edge practical advice on government action or inaction; potential liability; complex regulatory changes and how such may be achieved; media affairs; campaign strategy; and how to generally negotiate the bureaucratic hurdles to any political goal.