Licensing & Compliance


We offer clients significant knowledge about licensing and regulatory law covering a wide range of regulatory regimes and state agencies, litigation in administrative and judicial forums, legislative drafting and advocacy, and licensing and permitting transactions. We are equipped to assist you in developing comprehensive strategies and solutions for doing business in an environment of complex and overlapping state regulation.

Our state licensing work encompasses governmental regulation in many areas, including:

Among the services provided are:

  • Counseling licensees who are subjects of board investigations and responding to charges on their behalf.
  • Appearing with licensees at state investigative inquiries to provide legal advice and comments.
  • Assisting license applicants with administrative issues that arise during the application process.
  • Negotiating resolutions and settlements acceptable to licensees.
  • Aggressively defending licensees in disciplinary matters that cannot be resolved through other means.

Business Legal Compliance Checklist

A critical overview of laws and regulations governing businesses of all sizes.

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