Internet Law: IPv4 Address Rights Transfers


The explosive growth of the Internet, the Cloud, and mobile wireless devices has overwhelmed the original addressing system through which all Internet messages are routed. While the new numbering system (IPv6) is virtually unlimited, that is not the case for the original IPv4 addressing protocol. Telecommunications traffic routed only on the new system will not reach most of the world - which remains dependent on the original IPv4 addressing system. This has created a crisis of sorts, leading to highly specialized business transactions.

As a consequence, enterprises that have or need the old addresses must utilize specialized and private methods of acquiring and selling IPv4 address rights. Due to the sensitive nature of these transactions, the scarcity of the assets, their technological properties, and the unusual regulatory processes that must be followed to transfer IPv4 address rights, attention to detail is paramount.

The global market for IPv4 addresses involves some of the most advanced tech companies on earth – many of them, just emerging. Over many years, Fraser Trebilcock has developed a unique network of participants in the IPv4 commerce stream, and we have assisted companies in negotiation and successful conclusion of these transactions.

We have been at the forefront of assisting in the transfer of IPv4 addresses, and counseling with regard to confidential or open procurement or liquidation strategies of IPv4 address rights. Our extensive experience includes:

  • Intra-Region Transfers
  • Inter-RIR Transfers
  • Asset Transactions
  • Due Diligence
  • Regulatory
  • Legacy Agreements
  • Structural 

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