Business Financing & Securities


Obtaining financing and investment capital can be one of the most challenging obstacles that a business has to overcome. From start-up financing, venture capital, and structured debt financing, to more complex transactions, it is critical that companies satisfy their capital needs to establish and maintain a strong foundation for growth.

We advise in all areas of business financing and securities. From routine transactions to complex financing and securities arrangements, our attorneys can guide you through any range of equity and debt financing. We offer substantial experience in accomplishing capital and financing objectives for corporations and closely-held businesses, as well as the providers of financing, including banks and venture capital firms. Some of these areas may include:

  • Commercial Bank Loans
  • Corporate Governance
  • Private Sales of Securities
  • Public Securities Offerings and Registrations
  • Venture Capital and Angel Investments
  • Usury/Interest Rates

Business Legal Compliance Checklist

A critical overview of laws and regulations governing businesses of all sizes.

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