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Fraser Trebilcock is an excellent environment to grow your legal experience, working alongside some of the brightest legal minds in Michigan.

We offer a dynamic and collaborative environment, taking a progressive approach with casework that crosses from one practice team to another. Often on the legal forefront, Fraser Trebilcock offers you an innovative environment, along with the stability you can depend on from one of Michigan's most reputable law firms.

Fraser Trebilcock offers:

  • A Diverse Set of Practice Areas – With more than 70 practice areas to specialize in, young lawyers at Fraser Trebilcock have the opportunity to carve out a career path that they’re passionate about.
  • A Dynamic, Collaborative Environment – At Fraser Trebilcock, no two days are the same. In such a constantly evolving industry, there is always more to learn and new challenges to solve. This dynamic environment facilitates a high level of collaboration between lawyers with varying levels of seniority and specialties.
  • Ideal Locations – We have offices in three of Michigan’s most established legal hubs: Lansing, Detroit, and Grand Rapids.
  • Well-Credentialed Mentors – Fraser Trebilcock is proud to have many nationally recognized lawyers on our team. Recent graduates are trained and mentored by the best in the industry.